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Amazing food, the curries are always rich and flavoursome.

Alexander, 27 Feb 2021

Very good value for money for the quality of food

Sasi, 27 Feb 2021

Highly recommended

Dave, 27 Feb 2021

Excellent and very highly recommended

Dave, 27 Feb 2021

Love Lazeez, always first choice for Indian food

Stacey, 20 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thanks

Food was amazing. Such good value for money.

Lisa, 19 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thank you so much for a positive comment.

Now a days delivery is very late. I am not liking it

Hemanth, 18 Feb 2021


Wishi, 14 Feb 2021


Late delivery but it was an awesome food. A perfect taste.

Wishi, 13 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thanks for the review and apologies about the late delivery. Often we have a surge of deliveries at once and this can occasionally lead to deliveries being slightly over the estimated time. Moreover, the bad weather has contorbuted to significantly more deliveries than normal. We'll try our best to keep the waiting times accurate. 9

The best lamb biriyani in town! Savouring it for years and the quality has consistently been top class! Thanks Lazeez!!

Soumya, 13 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thank you for the review :)

Spped of delivery needs to improve and a receipt should be provided with each delivery.

Akash, 10 Feb 2021

  Reply : Delivery speeds are often slower due to bad weather which also contributes to a higher number of delivery orders than normal. However we do make this as clear as possible with our delivery estimates. Regarding receipts, this isn't common practice with any company as you can see your complete delivery history online and this in turn reduces paper wastage. If you want a receipt however, feel free to specify in the comments.

Highly recommended

Dave, 31 Jan 2021

Highly recommended.

Dave, 31 Jan 2021

Excellent meal.

John, 09 Jan 2021

We order the same meal each time, butter chicken is delicious. Yet to find somewhere else who is as nice.

Shelley, 09 Jan 2021

  Reply : Glad to hear you enjoy our butter chicken!

Never had a bad meal from Lazeez

Iain, 03 Jan 2021

Would be nice to select additional sauces for a kebab rather than just the one.

Innes, 01 Jan 2021

  Reply : Hello Innes, Thanks for your feedback. There is only one sauce for kebabs and starters, if you want additional sauce you can choose from Relishes section. Also you can leave a comment if you have any special request (i.e. to mix 2 sauces)

Food is outstanding and will continue to order. However, I think delivery times could be improved.

Mark, 01 Jan 2021

  Reply : Thanks for the review. We often try to have multiple drivers on the busy days but due to the unpredictable nature of the ongoing pandemic, there are days when even having multiple drivers isn't enough because we can only have so much staff in our small premises cooking the food. We'll always look to improve this and be as transparent and accurate as possible with regards to delivery times when our customers place their order.

our favorite take away - always there and has helped us get through this year thank you the lazeez team :)

Ethan, 31 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thank you very much for the review. Glad you enjoy our food and we're happy to have played a small part in making 2020 easier.

Brilliant food.

Dave, 27 Dec 2020

I just got my order. Everything is hot, fresh and delicious but I didn’t get my poppadoms I paid for. It’s a bit of shame because I ordered few relishes to eat with it.

Olga, 21 Dec 2020

  Reply : Hi Olga. I'm very sorry we forgot to send you your popadums on this occasion. If you had notified us we would have been happy to send this to you with something complimentary. Next time you order, if you mention this in the comments section we will include the popadums as well as a few extras in your order - just be sure to mention it in the comments. Apologies once again.

Your online payment system might need some improvement, it took me 3 times till the payment was accepted. One of the error messages I got during payment was: "We were unable to complete your transaction. "session_id" required".

Gergely, 20 Dec 2020

  Reply : Hi Gergely. Thanks for flagging this to us. We've not heard of this one before but we'll raise this with the online ordering system supplier to see if they have any resolution to stop this from happening.

Never had any problems ordering from Lazeez, food always good and hot. Delivery people are friendly.

Lesley, 18 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thanks very much for your review. Glad you're enjoying our food :)

Great taste for all the biryanis with good enough quantity. Must try lamb biryani

Arjun, 13 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thanks for enjoying our Food

Like the food quality.Its fresh and nicely prepared and taste good

Sunil, 11 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thanks for enjoying our Food

Please can you add Lamb Karahi to the online menu. It isn't on there and I've ordered it from you over the phone many times in the past and thoroughly enjoyed eating it! Keep up the amazing curries, they are the best in town!

Llinos, 02 Dec 2020

  Reply : Hi. Pleased to hear that you enjoy our curries. In response to the lamb karahi, it's headed under lazeez specialities. If you ever find it not on the menu, then this means it's out of stock at that moment. Hope that helps.